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Welcome to We feature plenty of kids activities, crafts, and games. If you have a craft idea you'd like to post here, contact us today. This site is intended for people who work in preschools, daycares, kindergarten, and all parents. If you're around children, this site is for you.

Look around, see below for a list of what's new to the site. We're proud to say that all our craft pages are print friendly. No ads, no extra borders, no fluff. When you print, you get a useable printout. We're also proud to say that we don't collect any personal information. Lots of those other sites get your e-mail address and then send you unwanted messages. Not here, we're keeping things simple.

Kids Craft Categories

Groundhog Day Crafts
Let kids have fun on February 2 with some of these groundhog day crafts
Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day is a special time for kids to create valentine's, show their love, and do some great crafts.
St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Celebrate St. Patty's day each March 17 with leprechauns, clovers, and more great kids crafts.
Easter Kids Crafts
Celebrate Easter by doing fun Easter crafts with your kids.
Mother's Day Crafts
Show mom you care by giving her one of these great mother's day crafts.
Father's Day Crafts
Show dad you care by creating a great craft for him.
Hallowe'en Crafts
Possibly the favorite time of year for kids is Hallowe'en. Have kids try some of these fun crafts.
Christmas Kids Crafts
Create a Christmas Bell, and do other crafts. A family favorite holiday.

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