EasterEaster Kids Crafts

Easter is in April every year. Here are some fun kids crafts to do with your kids during the Easter long weekend.

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Easter Crafts

Basket of Eggs Craft
This is a craft that makes a colorful basket of Easter eggs
Handprint Bunny Craft
This is a simple, fun hand print bunny craft
Easter Bunny Egg Picture Display
This kids Easter bunny craft includes a printable template included!
Fuzzy Bunny Easter Craft
This is a fun craft using cotton balls and includes a printable template
Easter Bunny Card Holder Craft
This is a great handmade card holder that makes Easter fun. Includes printable template.
Filler Egg Bunny Easter Craft
This is an imaginative way to transform a plastic filler egg into a small gift.
Paper Bag Easter Treat Bunny Craft
This is a fun craft using two paper bags and a few other simple supplies.

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