Heart Race Valentine's Game



  1. Have children line up at one end of the room and place bucket at the other end. You can seperate the children into smaller groups, each with their own bucket, or just one.
  2. Place all of the hearts in a pile/bucket beside the children.
  3. Have the children take turns grabbing a heart, racing to put it in the bucket, and racing back to the end of the line.
  4. The game is done when the bucket at the other end of the room is full.


Older children can be given instructions such as carry the heart on your head, if it falls you have to start over; or you can't touch the heart with your hands.

Have two lines of children facing each other at oppostie ends of the room and two hearts. Have the lines switch ends of the room by having each child (carrying a heart) run one at a time to the line across from them, hand of the heart to the person at the front of the line, then sit down at the back of the line.